Wedding Fayre 1

Off I ventured yesterday morning to Walsall and The Holiday Inn at Junction 10. The drive across was great, I’d forgotten how quiet the roads are first thing on Sunday morning. We were given a great spot by the organisers “Not Just Exhibitions” right by the door in one of the main suites, so access to and from the car was great. The flow of brides was excellent from the start at 11am through until around 1pm, the second half was fairly quiet and between 2pm and the finish at 3pm we only spoke to a couple of brides. Enquiries came from far and wide and last night I had my head buried in my Black Country A-Z; Willenhall, Shifnall, Darlaston, Penfields, Tettenhall, Bloxwich…… All in all we were really pleased with our first Wedding Fayre experience! P.S. The tea at the Holiday Inn tastes like coffee, may be it was coffee, it certainly wasn’t tea, may be it was half tea/half coffee!

Here We Go! Have Car Will Travel!

Friday is always the best day of the week, but today was even better; the arrival of our Regent Landaulet in Black & Ivory. At 8:00pm I had a call from the vehicle transporter to let me know that he was nearly with us! “Hi Dan, just got off the M42 and going past the Belfry now, will be with you in
5 minutes”. No sooner had I put the phone down then around the corner he came. Although it was quite dark the car looked great as it pulled on to the drive. I’m looking forward to going out for a drive tomorrow! Daniel Musson Love Wedding Cars 0121 3785090